Core Curriculum

The Alabama Board of Cosmetology requires each student enrolled in a course of esthetics to complete 1,000 hours. St John’s School of Esthetics has established a core curriculum to allow students to obtain maximum comprehension from textbooks, manuals, and handouts; in addition to incorporating practical performance and demonstrations to coincide with theory study.

Skin Care, Skin Analysis
& Facial Treatments
Hair Removal100
Professional Practices200
Makeup Application100
Retailing Products & Services100
Spa Business100
TOTAL 1000

Approximately fifty-percent of the above hours per subject matter will be devoted to theory; the remaining hours will be devoted to practical exercise. The one hundred unassigned hours will apply to any subject the instructor feel is most advantageous to the individual student.

Grading System

Students will be graded on written assignments, to include but not limited to textbook and workbook assignments tests, written and practical exams, practical demonstrations, and class participation.

90 – 100A
80 – 89B
70 – 79C
Below 70Unsatisfactory

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