As a student of St John’s School of Esthetics you have joined an elite group of members that will embark upon a profession in the field of esthetics with theory and practical knowledge that is only taught at this academy.

The purpose of St John’s School of Esthetics is to:

  • Prepare students to successfully pass the Alabama Board of Cosmetology exam for Estheticians
  • Provide student estheticians with superior skills required to successfully perform esthetic services with the professionalism, confidence, and the highest quality education required to become a licensed esthetician.

Instructors at St John’s School of Esthetics will motivate students in every facet of the core curriculum. It is the responsibility of the student to attend class as scheduled, complete all reading assignments, submit workbook assignments on a timely basis, attend seminars offered to St John’s School of Esthetics students, and participate in class theory and practical lessons/demonstrations.

Esthetic education is of the utmost importance at St John’s School of Esthetics. It is here that the standard for education has been elevated to challenge both students and instructors. The world of Esthetics is ever-changing field and St John’s School of Esthetics instructors are required to remain abreast of modern knowledge within this field of study.

Upon graduating from St John’s School of Esthetics and passing the State exam you will be a licensed professional esthetician with all the confidence and pride that comes with being a graduate of this academy!

Are you ready to start?